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What's it all about?

This is a football result prediction competition that runs for a whole football season (August to May).

Essentially, all you have to do is predict the results of 12 European League football matches each week (mostly English Premier League) and we will do the rest!

How much is it to enter?

It's 20 to enter the competition. This may seem a little steep, but you'll soon discover you get full value for that money over a full 9-month period, and EVERY SINGLE PENNY of your entry fee is put into the prize fund kitty for that season.

What can I win?

skeptical baby

Simple answer: CASH!

You are automatically entered into multiple competitions (with multiple prizes) and we will keep you informed both here on the website, and via weekly emails of how you are all getting on in each one as the competition progresses.

ALL player entry money goes directly into the prize fund, so the more players we can attract, the bigger the cash prizes!
Last season we had over 100 players, so the prize fund was close to 2000!
Three lucky players walked away with over 200 each across the various competitions, with 22 other players winning prizes of at least 20 or Free Entry!

RMPL Trophy Gold

The four main competitions and prize-places are:

Other smaller competitions and awards include:

RMPL Trophy Silver

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Good luck to everybody!


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