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It's coming back, it's coming back, it's coming... the Predictor League is back!
As Ian Broudie might have sung 24 years ago... or maybe not.

Anyway, it looks like we are scheduled for SIX more weekends of Predictor League action between now and the end of the season, with some other matches getting played in midweek.

At present, we still can't guarantee this but the provisional week 26 fixtures are now ready here for our return on June 20th. Please note though, that it's an 11 match week. Week 27 fixtures will be added in due course.

It's been confirmed that the majority of the Premier League games will be televised across Friday-Monday but the times are not confirmed. Any games that end up not being played between Sat and Mon will be voided, so it's very possible we'll end up with fewer than 12 games each week. Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the end of this season, it might not always be possible to give you the usual 2-3 weeks' notice we like to give for the fixtures, but we'll do our very best.

In terms of the format for the remaining competition, if everything goes to plan:

  • Accumulator - continues as normal
  • Player of the Month - there will be two more prizes available, June (weeks 26-27) and July (weeks 28-31)
  • Player of 2020 - continues as normal
  • League Cup - semi-finals this coming week 26, final in week 31
  • Last Player Standing - 24 players remaining, 5 eliminated in each of weeks 26-28, four eliminated in week 29, three in week 30 to leave the final two in the final week
  • Matchplay - we'll unfortunately have to abandon the second group stage. The 16 players who finished in the top two after week 23 will now go into a knockout with four rounds to determine the winner. Week 25 phase 2 results are now void. We'll have the first of these knockouts the week after next (week 27) with further knockouts in weeks 28 and 29 to leave the final two to battle it out in week 31. The last 16 (week 27) fixtures are here.
  • Should the league get abandoned again before the finish, we will divide the prizes for matchplay, league cup and last player standing in a similar manner to that described in our last email, although of course if a few weeks get played then the number of people sharing various prizes will decrease. We hope this all sounds fair, and makes sense? Please get in touch if you have any queries.

    In the meantime, welcome back and let's get predicting!


    So what's to come?

    NEW features for the website coming soon will include:

    • A Secure Log-in process, leading to Personalised highlighted results.
    • A less complicated, custom-made prediction platform leaving behind 3rd party form-based platforms.
    • A Chat Forum for online Predictor League discussion.

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